5 Photographs of Eagle Landing Before It Was a Residence Hall

Long before it housed University of Mary Washington students, Eagle Landing was a locally-run hotel called Eagle Lodging. Eagle Lodging, which opened in 1965 shortly after the opening of the nearby Giant, served as a mecca for businessmen plying their trade on the Route 1 corridor. Because of its easy access to the highway, Eagle Lodging often hosted large conferences. Consequently, to accommodate hosting conferences the rooms were designed to hold parties of guests rather than couples. Through many remodels, the rooms in Eagle Lodging became even more suited for hosting businesses and eventually included conference rooms for holding small, personal meetings.

Burdened by debt from the 2006 remodel and early signs of a recession beginning to loom, business at the hotel began to decline from 2006-2007. After many attempts to stay afloat, in 2007 Eagle Lodging closed its doors permanently. Concurrently, the University of Mary Washington was facing a housing crisis and in desperate need of housing for 100 students. The University, faced with an unexpected opportunity to expand its land next to campus, bought the closed hotel. With the work of some emergency grounds and housing staff, the hotel overnight became fit for housing the displaced students. The following year the hotel was renovated by UMW and renamed Eagle Landing. Almost 10 years later, Eagle Landing has become one of the University of Mary Washington’s premiere residence halls, despite its strange beginning as a hotel for traveling businessmen.

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