Jason Sudeikis, Famous UMW Alumnus, to Consider Donation to University

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Famous University of Mary Washington alumnus, Jason Sudeikis, is reportedly considering donating to his alma mater to help mitigate the rising cost of higher education. It may come as a surprise to some University of Mary Washington students that Jason Sudeikis, an acclaimed actor and Saturday Night Live writer, was a student at their small, Virginia liberal arts college. However, Sudeikis attended the University of Mary Washington, then Mary Washington College, in 1994-1995 and briefly double-majored in theatre and English.

Sudeikis, a displaced Fairfax native, was attracted to the University of Mary Washington because of its small school atmosphere and upstanding theatre program. An avid basketball player in high school, Sudeikis did not get the opportunity to explore or participate in theatre until college. It was through Mary Washington College’s renowned theatre program that Sudeikis found the perfect environment to explore his newfound passion for drama and spectacle. After some time under the careful direction and mentoring of MWC staff, Sudeikis was able to leverage his passion for theatre into a healthy and tremendously successful career in entertainment.

While Sudeikis’ time at the University of Mary Washington was short, Sudeikis has spoken very highly of the University and his time there. “I loved my time at MWC and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The professors cared about my learning and I received an excellent education there.” Sudeikis, who has admittedly lost with his alma mater, has recently considered donating to the university. A frequent philanthropist, Sudeikis cites the rising expense of higher education and the importance of education as motivations for possibly donating to the University of Mary Washington. 

Seeking a way to reconnect with his alma mater, Sudeikis also feels that donating to the University may ensure that others can have the same college experience that he had. “College is an important time in a young person’s life and it is important for us to support this life-changing experience as best we can.” As many local students struggle to stay afloat during a period of rising university expenses and decreasing federal support, Sudeikis’ charge to protect college as an instrumental time in a person’s life feels refreshing and noteworthy.

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